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Grant Application Guidelines

How to apply and funding guidelines
About Us

Thomas’s Foundation, an independent Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO), is driven by the belief that every child deserves and enriching education.

As part of our Community Partnerships programme we provide educational support and extracurricular opportunities in art, drama, music and sport for children in London, primarily the boroughs of Wandsworth, Lambeth, Kensington & Chelsea and Hammersmith & Fulham in the communities local to Thomas’s London Day Schools.


Thomas’s Foundation's grant funding supports projects addressing inequalities in accessing educational opportunities. Priority is given to initiatives targeting specific challenges or gaps in educational provision. Successful applications will demonstrate impact, reaching young people who lack access to opportunities. It's crucial that proposed interventions effectively address these priority needs.

Successful projects will focus on achieving at least one of the objectives set out below:

  • Increased self confidence

  • Enhanced academic achievement

  • Development of a new skill or talent

  • Improved social skills

  • Improved mental and/or physical wellbeing

  • Inspired creativity

How to apply

Please read funding guidelines in full before filling in our funding application form. Details of how you can apply are listed below.

Each applicant is permitted to submit one application per grant cycle. There are four submission deadlines per grant cycle during which applications will be considered. The total amount that each applicant can be granted within one academic year is £6000 (GBP). The average grant is around £2500- £3000. We cannot always fund the full cost of a project and you may need to raise funds from other sources. Each project can only be funded for a maximum of three consecutive years.

Applications timeline:

Applications will only be considered during these timelines:

Our Grant giving Committee will review applications:

If you would like assistance with your application - please contact:


Lucy van Straubenzee, Thomas’s Foundation Community Partnerships Director at Lucy Horstead, Thomas’s Foundation Administrator at

Kindly submit your application via the online form provided at the bottom of this page.


Who and what will we fund?

To help streamline our application process and provide clarity to potential applicants, we've developed a set of straightforward YES/NO questions. Please review the following.

  • Are you school or Registered Charity? (YES/NO)

  • If you are a school do you have a Pupil Premium at or above 30%? (YES / NO)

  • Do you have a child safeguarding policy? (YES / NO)

  • Is your project related to art, dance, outdoor learning, music, sport, drama, or academic support? (YES / NO)

  • Do the beneficiaries live or attend school in London boroughs of Hammersmith & Fulham Kensington & Chelsea, Lambeth and Wandsworth?  (YES / NO)

  • Is your project focused on future initiatives rather than past endeavours? (YES / NO)

  • Can you confirm that your project cannot be funded through core government resources? (YES / NO)

  • Can you confirm that the children benefiting from your project are directly affected by educational inequality? (YES / NO)

  • Can you confirm that the funding is not intended for capital purposes, such as playgrounds or sports facilities? (YES / NO)

  • Can you confirm that your project is not for the promotion of religion? (YES / NO)

  • Can you confirm that you have not received funding from Thomas's Foundation for this project for three consecutive years? (YES / NO)

If any of your responses are "NO," it will indicate that your project does not align with the criteria for a Thomas's Foundation grant.

Post Evaluation
  • If a grant is awarded then a self-evaluation form must be completed for all funded applications. The form is expected to be completed and submitted within one month of completion of the programme

  • The Board of Trustees, or its delegate, will review evaluation forms on a periodic or sample basis

  • Future funding applications will not be considered until complete evaluation forms have been submitted as these will be considered as evidence of impact and successful project management

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