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Foundation Pathway - June 2021

Updated: Dec 16, 2022

The group gelled very quickly and personalities have begun to emerge. They all seem to relish the fast pace of both the individual lessons and the morning as a whole.

We questioned whether we were trying to fit in too much but the variety ensures they are all engaged and their abilities mean that they can learn and absorb much in a short time. In both sessions to date, they have enjoyed Science, Maths, English, Latin and Games (cricket-based). In June Latin made way for Music.

Thomas’s Outdoor Department is offering a Festival of Outdoor Education to groups from the Foundation partner schools and Pathway pupils will enjoy two full days on July 21 and 22. We are planning to incorporate Science, Maths, English and Art into the programme and the staff are planning a good mix of outdoor activities and learning.

We have continued to provide voluntary homework through the Atom Learning platform. About a third of the group regularly completes the tasks.

Once normal routine returns, it remains our ambition to start extra Pathway groups in the other Thomas’s schools.

Participating schools

Ark John Archer Primary Academy

Christchurch Primary

Fulham Primary

Griffin Primary

John Burns Primary

Langford Primary

Normand Croft Community School

St George’s Primary

Shaftesbury Park

Thomas’s Academy

Westbridge Academy

Jill Kelham, Thomas’s Foundation Pathway Director

Arabella Finch, Thomas’s Foundation Pathway Curriculum Director

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